Celestial Lights. And they will see the Son of man coming in the cloud with power and Great Glory

Celestial Lights. And they will see the Son of man coming in the cloud with power and Great Glory
A Sign of the times Matthew chapter 24. James 1:17 Father of the Celestial Lights. (above)=Matt 12:31,32. And this GOOD NEWS of the KINGDOM will be preached in All The inhabited Earth, for a WITNESS to ALL the NATIONS, and Then; (THE END) Will Come. Matthew 24:14. A FIERY RED HORSEMAN.= DESTROYER.

Tuesday, 27 March 2012

New World Order. Rev 17:1-9. Is this New World Order from God?.. If it was, it would be called Gods Kingdom, or is this 8th King the Beast that had the death stroke and got Healed?..I don't know if people in Britain know what is happening in America, but the whole system of Government has been undermined by Nazi (illuminati) Influence.

On September 1st 1939  Germany invaded Poland, and started WW2. With the INTENTION  of  World Domination by a (New World Order).  After the 2nd world war, Nazi prisoners (scientists)  were taken to America. 

Some were given the option to work with the American government on highly classified  space technology, at the time, the Nazi regime was way ahead of any opposition, in the field of rocket science. Note; after World war 1 in 1922 when the tomb of King Tutankhamun was discovered, there was a MULTITUDE OF DEATHS, which are now being considered very suspicious.
Lord Carnarvon was the first to die.
All these Deaths are now considered very suspicious.

Article by Andrew Walker  BBC NEWS. note; Within this group of Scientist, is a Sinister Group, now trying to start WW.3. and take control of the whole World.

 So the best of the Nazi scientists were given an amnesty and  sent to a secret military base in White Sands (New Mexico)  Later it was discovered that these scientist's, were privy to a lost technology dating back to the Pyramids.
                                                           (see pictures above)
According to popular belief,  Everyone pictured above;  is a self confessed member of the Bohemians (Baal Worshippers) and they worship a 45ft  image of an Owl.

Anyone joining must worship this Image. Alex Jones a well known American radio presenter and his team, took a British film crew and secretly filmed inside the Bohemian Grove in California, to expose the dark secrets of the illuminati.  (Elite Bohemian Club)  they celebrate (Freedom From Care) a great number of people believe this is true: but is it..really True?..

 Hitler was an occult demon worshipper, (Bohemian) and found hidden secret knowledge from Egypt, and the Mayans, he used it to fight the 2nd world war, and tried in vain to find the Ark of the Covenant.

Picture with Magna Carta and American Constitution. 
He had countless millions of Jewish people (and others) murdered in his quest for a; (New World Order) that was intended to last 1000 years. 

 Sadly after ww2 the Russians and the Americans, who  fought side by side against the Nazis,  fell out because the Soviet Government wanted to take the Nazi scientists to trial, for their war crimes, but America had a different plan, hence the (Cold War)  they the; (Americans) joined the Nazi scientists in a deal for their Secret technology, Later that same year, President Truman recommended that; (any) of the  German (scientist's) who were members of the (Nazi) Party, and considered a threat to National Security, should be (Excluded) from the (Amnesty) program code named; (Paper Clip) and proceeded to build the most powerful (space program) ever, Star Defence. Now this is were it gets interesting.

In 1947 a strange Aircraft crashed in Roswell New Mexico, leading to the UFO Phenomenon.  Also in 1947, the State of Israel was legally established.

Rev 16:12-16
Star wars defence is not just built to protect the people from the so called; Aliens, but it is really a weapon built to fight against God, his Son, and the; (Sons of Light)   using the Secret Knowledge DISCOVERED in Egypt. 

  vs 13-14.  It tells of 3 unclean expressions coming out of the mouth of  the Dragon,= (Demons) NOT Aliens, plus out of the mouth of the wild beast,= 666 (Man's Rule) and also the false Prophet, this is the false Church= (Antichrist)
= The Vatican in Rome. the ''so called'' keepers of the New Christian Covenant given to the Apostles. 

History shows what happened after the Apostles had all died off .

These (unclean) expressions are Lies and deception to Gather the whole World into a (New World Order)  together to fight against (the Aliens)  well that's the Story; the (lie) anyway; but the scripture does (not)  say its aliens;  do not be mislead, by these lies. 

The INTENTION is; to instil  fear into the public world wide, to legitimise the Alien lie, and gain support for the N.W.O. The truth is; Jehovah is coming, and the Army of the Heavens with him, it says so clearly, but they are trying to convince us that these Celestial Lights seen all over the world, are Aliens about to attack Earth, and they have convinced many already, BY DEVELOPING a Huge SECRET military, with weapons of mass destruction.

Staged Alien abductions have been used to terrify victims, using fear, drugs and hypnosis, although the abductions may well be real, they are done by secret powers, in (High Places)  they are a (ploy) to support the so called; Alien Conspiracy.

The Seven Mountains (Heads) Starting at Egypt. (continued below)

Five Have Fallen, Egypt, Assyria,  Babylon, Medo-Persia, and Greece,  the remaining Kingdom (still in power) being Rome, and the one  in the future = Anglo=American. 2 horned Beast. and The Ten Horns or (Kingdoms) = Europe. The Bible symbolically calls world powers (Beast's) One of the European Kings (Heads) has recovered from its Death Stroke.

At the End of world War 2,  the Nazi (Head) got the Death Stroke,  but at this present day the; (time of the End) this Head has recovered....and by Deception,  is; (trying) to take World Power. (Again) by; (stealing all the Wealth) using devious tactics, such as Divide and conquer. spreading lies and deception, false propaganda, murdering anyone who stands against them.

Vs 11.  AFTER; (Ruling for One Hour) with the first wild beast, that had the Death Stroke, and revived,  It goes off into destruction. So just as God has set up his Kingdom (in the midst of his enemies) the Kingdom (Head) of the Red (Scarlet) Wild Beast. (Nazi Rome)  has recovered. (Not the German people) or;  the (Americans) but The Nazi Party.  The Sons of Darkness  (Offspring of the Roman Empire)  that lasted a thousand years.  They killed the Son of God. And Denied he came in the Flesh.= The Antichrist.

To all who are waiting for the return of Messiah (the Lamb) Find Comfort from this: the New World Order, or; (Nazi Roman type Government) ''they still use all the same symbols and strategy of Rome'' will not be in power for long, (One Hour) and if; ONE DAY=ONE YEAR One Hour is only a; (Very Short Time) eg One year=365 days or 360 days
(Bible time)

If you divide 365 by 24 (24=1 day) the Biblical last Hour = 15 days.

Because In (One Hour) Babylon the Great will be destroyed by the Wild Beast, and the 10 Kings, and after that, God (Jehovah) and his Son Yahshua, (Jesus) along with 200,000,000. sons of the true God,  will bring the Kingdoms of the Earth to ruin.

His (Y.H.W.H.)  Gods own Kingdom will  RULE the Whole Earth in Peace.

Everyone will see Her burned to the ground,  (IN THE FIRE)

The Great City,  the Vatican in Rome. the; Little Kingdom (Little Horn)  Has a kingdom over the  Kings of the Earth.

Too Bad, too Bad, you Great City,  Babylon you Strong City, because in (ONE HOUR) your  Judgment  has arrived.

Friday, 23 March 2012

Who are the holy ones..at the Rapture,or; (Ascension) Mark 13:27. And who is the Great Crowd?..That will Inherit the Earth. Rev 7:9 Psalm 37:11.

(Above) Rev 13:9,10. (note) In this Direct statement to the Holy Ones; Jesus tells them that; some of them will be taken into captivity. needing; Endurance and Faith. Only 144,000 Holy ones (Starting from Jesus Sacrifice being accepted, by God;  Hebrew=(Yahweh)  English=Jehovah.

Even today there are some Holy ones left on Earth, and they have yet to be Sealed, in their foreheads. Otherwise the Four Angels WOULD NOT be holding back the FOUR WINDS of DESTRUCTION.  Rev 7:1-9
At the End even the most powerful people on Earth will hide in fear, after throwing their (Silver) and (Gold) into the Street.

Hold back the four winds Rev 7:1.

Until Slaves of God are Sealed Rev 7:3.

But a Great Crowd will survive,  due to the undeserved kindness of God. Rev 7:9.
Matthew 24:1-22 (continued below) 

continued below.

1914-1918  The First world War was the Beginning of the pangs of distress.

World War 2.  1935-1945 saw the hunting down and murder of the Jewish people, and the tribulation of millions continued.

Crime  hatred and trouble continued.

At the same time the good news of the Kingdom  continued.

Those in Judea warned to flee from Great Tribulation, when they (see) the disgusting thing that causes desolation, Standing in a Holy Place. continued.

Great Tribulation CUT SHORT.

The Meek will Inherit the Earth. Psalm 37:11. Far from being a mass  Ascension  by  millions or;  (Rapture) only  the remaining ones of the Holy ones on Earth, and the ones (Resurrected) from; (sleeping in death)  at the LAST TRUMPET, take part in the (Rapture) or; ASCENSION. to become Kings and Priests. The rest,  The: (Great Crowd) are gathered together and rescued. (Your Deliverance is getting Near)  Luke 21:28.

Only 144,000 with the Name of Messiah,= (Archangel Michael) Dan 12:1   Hebrew=Yahshua, English=Jesus. and The Name of his Father; Hebrew=Yahweh, English= Jehovah.  Y.H.W.H.= J.H.V.H. 

Saturday, 17 March 2012

End Times Bible Prophecy - End Time Prophecy Truth Today




 From which came;  FLAME; SMOKE; and HOT CINDERS.


Notice the Angel with the Key of the Abyss comes out/from HEAVEN; and Seized the Dragon.  MESSIAH is the Angel with the key and the chain, Agreed?.  and, he is also, the Angel with (Authority) over the Abyss.  Rev 20:1-4.=He is the one with the KEY and CHAIN.

Satan is LOCKED in the ABYSS.
 Not the Angel with AUTHORITY to lock or unlock the ABYSS.

End Times Bible Prophecy - End Time Prophecy Truth Today:
This is an artists impression from N.A.S.A. It is a Winged IRON Dwarf STAR, (Breastplates of IRON, with WINGS, and a TAIL) like a scorpions tail; AND IT IS COMING DOWN TOWARD THE EARTH.
Its orbit is elongated and it will pass between the Earth and the Sun, it is described below in scripture. Rev 9:9-12

This is the real Star.
(An Orange Hot)

The Angel of the Abyss, (Not Satan) is the same Angel =Michael=Jesus, with the (Key to lock Satan) in the Abyss,  Abaddon, Apollyon.= (Destroyer) =The Mighty God= The Resurrected Jesus.(the Archangel Michael) Yahushua. Messiah.


vs 20 Hide yourselves in your interior rooms until the denunciation  has Passed over. or; The (Passover) And Pray for eachother. The False Jews, (the ones who deny Jesus, Yahshua) and The Vatican (the little Horn, The Great City) Babylon the Great; with a (kingdom over the Kings of the Earth) is the Antichrist, with all its false teachings. Get out of her my people. is the command from Messiah. rev 18:4.
Revelation 18:4-6 The Vatican is responsible for all the twisted  (confusion)  if you are Roman Catholic, or use Images and Idols,  you Must get out of her, and destroy all the IMAGES used in worship. The true God Yahweh, Your Own God says; He does not tolerate Any OTHER gods before him. You know that is true; you Have to believe it, before its to late. Praying to Mary, or praying to your favourite saint, or an Angel, is not the right thing, we have to pray directly to YHWH, through his Son, Jesus Christ, there is no other way.

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